Saturday, October 12, 2013

Organic Excellence Mint Shampoo for Healthy Hair

Chemical Free Shampoo

If you're one of the those people that are constantly running your fingers through your hair or are always twisting it, you know how important having a healthy head of hair is not only for appearance, but also to its actual feel. Shampoo is something used on your hair and scalp on a regular basis, and because of this the shampoo that you use has great effects on the health of your hair and scalp.  Nobody should over look the ingredients in their shampoo, and providing nutrients to the hair is essential to its look and feel.  Using a natural shampoo delivers your hair and scalp with nourishing damaging chemicals that are found in other shampoos.
and moisturizing ingredients, and it also cuts down on many of the

Searching for an organic shampoo can be difficult.  There are many different brands with different ingredients, but a good place to start is with Organic Excellence Mint Shampoo.  This shampoo is all natural and completely chemical free.  It can be a great way to help dried out and sun damaged hair, because it has ingredients that lock moisture into the hair and promotes proper hydration.  Mint Shampoo can also be helpful to those with greasy hair.  It contains aloe vera, which is commonly used to address greasy hair.  Since it is chemical free, it can also be used safely every day, and this allows the user to wash grease from their hair on a daily basis.

Many don't realize it, but the shampoos that they use causes damage to their hair and scalp.  Most of the shampoos on the market contain chemicals, like sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, siloxanes, and ammonium lauryl sulfate, and these ingredients can dry out the hair and harm the scalp.  They can increase the chances of dandruff, and they also accumulate within the body's tissues, including vital organs.  The chemicals in shampoo can create dysfunction in the body's organs, and they can disrupt the endocrine system and create problems with the hormones.  Some research has even linked these chemicals to cancer.

Are you looking to improve the health of your hair? Do you want hair that not only looks good, but feels good as well?  A perfect place to start is with Organic Excellence Mint Shampoo.  It is great for hair of all types, and it provides important nutrients to the hair and scalp.  Best of all, it doesn't have any of the damaging chemicals found in most shampoos.   

Thursday, September 26, 2013

BPA Linked to Obesity

Unusual Cause of Obesity

Obesity plagues America.  Diets packed with unhealthy fats, sugars, and carbohydrates have lead to an increase in weight.  When this is combined with a sedentary lifestyle it really creates a dangerous combination, but recent studies have shown that there is another factor that could be contributing to obesity: BPA exposure.  This cheap chemical used in many plastic products has been tied to a number of health problems, and it could also be causing many Americans to be packing on the pounds at a faster rate.

Studies carried out at the University of Michigan found a link in the levels of BPA and phthalates in children's urine and the size of their waist and percentage of body fat.  Those with high levels of BPA and phthalates were more prone to obesity and larger waistlines.  This is troubling for a couple different reasons.  First of all, these chemicals can be found just about anywhere.  From the plastics you use, to the paper used for receipts, and even in dental fillings, BPA is ever present, and cutting it out of your life can be very difficult.  Next, this is just another thing that the public has to be concerned about.  Lifestyle choices are not solely to blame for poor health.  Companies using cheap chemicals to cut costs in the manufacturing processes are now contributing to obesity in America.  Of course, this isn't an excuse for poor health.

Personal responsibility is the primary factor in overall health, but there certainly needs to a change in manufacturing regulations.

If you're worried about the weight of you and your family you should make the proper dietary and exercise steps to fight weight gain, but you should also be familiar with BPA.  This dangerous chemical can be found just about everywhere, and studies have shown that it may be contributing to obesity in America.  


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Organic Foaming Hand Soap

Vermont Soap Organic Foaming Hand Soap: Great for the Skin!

Organic hand soaps are something that everybody should be using.  They are safe for the environment and you, and they don't contain the chemicals that can damage your health or the ecosystem.  One of the downfalls of using an organic soap is that they don't get as sudsy as other soaps.  This is because the rich lather that many people look for in soap is caused by chemicals.

Common perceptions are that organic hand soaps are thin and watery to the touch, but Vermont Soap's Organic Foaming Hand Soap disproves these perceptions.  Organic Foaming Hand Soap comes in a pump bottle that dispenses a foam without the use of artificial propellants or chemicals. 
The bottle that organic foaming hand soap comes in has an incredible pump that delivers a foamy strip the skin of the oils that protect it, and they may also damage the skin and cause irritations.  Organic Foaming Hand Soap uses ingredients, like olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and aloe vera, which can help to moisturize and reduce the occurrence of dry and chapped hands.  Of course it is a soap as well, so it also works to gently remove filth, bacteria, and other irritants from the skin.
mass of soap by adding air to it as it comes out. After a couple passes of the hands the silky soap will clean nourish without the use of any chemicals.  Companies across the globe use inexpensive and cheap chemicals in their soaps.  These chemicals can

It is difficult to find an organic soap that has the feel of normal soaps.  This is because the thick feel that many soaps have is created by artificial chemicals.  However, you don't have to give up your search.  If you want an organic soap that builds into a sudsy lather, give Vermont Soap Organic Foaming Hand Soap a try.  It has a great pump that delivers foamy soap that is sudsy and feels like your favorite soap.

The bottle that Organic Foaming Hand Soap is also reusable, so hang onto it and buy Vermont Soap refills!        

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Reduce BPA Exposure

Radius Toothbrush: A Great Way to Reduce BPA Exposure

The concerns over bisphenol A, or BPA, have continued to grow over the past few decades.  BPA offers companies an inexpensive avenue for plastic production, but this comes at the expense of the public.  Simply handling plastic with BPA can cause it to seep into your body and blood, and when foods are kept in plastic containers it can also accumulate BPA.  Once BPA enters the body it can cause extensive damage, and it remains within the blood for long periods of time.  A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, found that 93 percent of Americans had significant amounts of BPA within their body.

BPA can cause damage to the endocrine system.  It mimics estrogen and this creates a disruption within the body's hormones.  Recent studies have also shown that it may also affect the nervous system and brain.  BPA is believed to specifically affect the amygdala, and it causes a change in gene expression.  The amygdala is used to regulate the body's natural responses to stress, anxiety, and fear.  Studies have shown that the exposure to BPA can lead to anxiety and depression, especially in women. 

It is clear that BPA is dangerous, so everybody should take steps to cut down their exposure to BPA.  Radius is a brand that boasts of their BPA free products.  They started by producing toothbrushes, and they have extended to a number of other products, like travel cases.  Radius's toothbrushes and other products are made with recycled rubber and cellulose, and they are absolutely BPA free.  Even the packaging is safe and environmentally friendly.  The clear sections of the packaging are made from recycled materials, the cardboard is 100 percent recyclable, and Radius even uses ink made from vegetables to print their labels. 

BPA can disrupt your endocrine system, and it may also harm your brain.  It can be commonly found in many of the plastic products you handle every day, but it is essential to limit your exposure to these products.  Radius is one of the top brands that make 100 percent BPA free products.  Their toothbrushes, cases, and other products are natural and safe for you and your family.   

Thursday, January 17, 2013

E3Live Earth's Essential Cream

Earth's Essential Cream
Many of the facial products that you use on a daily basis work better when they are paired with another product.  If you're using E3Live Light Polish you might want to consider using E3Live Earth's Essential Cream.  Earth's Essential Cream is a moisturizing cream that supports soft and well hydrated skin, and it is the perfect complement to Light Polish.  It contains a number of natural skin herbs and nutrients, and it also contains essential oils that may further benefits.

E3 Live Earths Essential Cream provides herbs and nutrients that provide outstanding benefits for the skin.  It contains aloe vera, which is one of the most widely used skin support nutrients.  It may help to rejuvenate aged and damaged skin, and studies have shown that it can help the body to produce collagen.  Collagen is an important substance to healthy skin, and it may make the skin look younger and support healthy wound healing.  Aloe vera may also soothe skin irritations, and it offers help to those with dermatitis or skin burns.  E3Live Earths Essential Cream also has almond oil.  Almond oil provides the skin with oleic acid, which is a beneficial omega 9 fatty acid.  Almond oil is a great emollient, so it may help to soften the skin.  It may also help to reduce skin dryness, and almond oil may fight rashes.  Almond oil also supplies the skin with Vitamin E, which is a great antioxidant.  Antioxidants fight free radicals, which can cause premature aging.

Earths Essential Cream also contains essential oils that can offer great support for the skin.  It contains grapefruit oil, which helps to fight bacteria that colonize on the skin.  It may reduce the occurrence of infections caused by bacteria, and it may also help with acne.  Lavender oil has also been included.  It fights bacteria and it is an anti-inflammatory, so it can offer help with acne.  It may also help to fight fungal infections, and it may support the healing process of burned skin.  Earths essential cream also contains a number of other herbs, extracts, and essential oils.

If you want healthy and youthful looking skin E3Live Earth's Essential Cream can help.  It works wonderfully with E3Live Light Polish, and Earth's Essential Cream provides your skin with beneficial herbs and oils that can help to soften, hydrate, and support a youthful appearance.  In addition, these natural ingredients may also help to fight bacterial and fungal infections, and it may also help with inflammation on the skin.    

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Zum Bar Review

Zum Bar Soap
That soggy bar of soap that is resting in your soap dish is packed with chemicals.  Chemicals are added to many skin products as a cheap cleaner.  These chemicals can harm the body, so a natural soap is a great alternative.  Zum Bar is a natural and chemical free bar of soap, and it is made with some of the best natural ingredients for the skin.

Zum Bar is a goat's milk soap that delivers your skin the incredibly beneficial goat's milk.  Frequently used in other parts of the world, but overlooked in America, goat's milk is one of the best ways to help moisturize and support the skin.  It is made up of small proteins, so it can be easily absorbed and utilized by the skin, and it also contains lactic acid.  Lactic acid is a great moisturizing agent, and it doesn't take long for lactic acid to help improve skin health and texture.  One of the best parts of goat's milk soap is that it naturally helps to exfoliate the skin.  Goat's milk helps to remove any dead skin cells that have built up on the skin, and this helps to regenerate and improve the appearance of the skin.

There are also a number of beneficial oils that have been included in Zum Bar.  Castor oil is a great nutrient for the skin, and it helps to fight bacteria and microbes that gather on the skin.  It also works as an anti inflammatory, so it helps to clean the skin and reduce any puffiness or swelling.  These two actions not only help to support skin health, but also skin appearance.  Castor oil can also help with skin irritations, like sunburn, and it may also help to reduce wrinkles.  Zum Bar also has olive oil and coconut oil, which are rich in Vitamin E.  Vitamin E supports healthy skin, because it has antioxidants.  Antioxidants are one of the best ways to naturally fight the aging process.  They work on the skin to fight free radicals, which can cause wrinkles and other signs of aging.  Free radicals work by killing and damaging cells on the skin, and this can reduce the appearance of the skin.
Zum Bar comes in a wide variety of scents.  There is something for everybody, so be sure to take a look at all the different Zum Bars. 

Don't expose your skin and body to chemicals anymore.  Instead, use the incredible Zum Bar.  Zum Bar helps to clean your skin - like normal soaps - but it also introduces a number of beneficial nutrients and oils that can leave your skin looking and feeling better than it ever has. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Badger Yoga and Meditation Balm Review

Yoga and Meditation
Everyday people are wondering how to deal with stress.  Yoga and meditation can be a great way to relax the body and soothe the mind after a long day of work, but at times it can be difficult to let the pressures and stressors of the day wash away.  When this happens yoga or meditation won't have the positive affect you're looking for, and for this there is Badger Yoga & Meditation Balm.

yoga and meditationYoga and Meditation Balm rubs into the temples and forehead, and it may promote an undeniable sense of tranquility.  It utilizes some of the finest natural ingredients to promote relaxation and support stress reduction.  It contains cedarwood, which is a great sedative that may help to calm the body and mind.  It helps to soothe the anxious mind, and it may also help combat stress after a long day.  Sandalwood is also a great natural substance for relaxation.  It can have a beneficial cooling affect on the skin, and it may also help to ease the mind.  It is frequently used for massages or meditation, because it is believed to help with stress.  Sandalwood is one of the best ways to promote a sense of calmness, and it is often used to combat panic attacks.  Frankincense and myrrh has also been included, because it may help with anxiety and emotional upset.  It may also help to stimulate clear thinking.

After a long and busy day it can be hard to reduce stress and anxiety.  When this occurs there's Badger Yoga and Meditation Balm.  It is a great way to reduce racing thoughts, and it may help to improve your meditation or yoga practices.  Of course it doesn't have to be paired with yoga or mediation, and it can have a wonderful calming effect on its own.